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informs its Users that the use of cookies is not for the purpose of personal data collection. The purpose of cookies is to offer an excellent browsing experience and improve 's services based on the uses given to the published content or the accesses to the different platform's section.


a) What you need to know about cookies

Cookies are small files that store information on your devices, as a User of the platform.

Cookies are associated with the browser of a specific computer or device. Cookies make it possible for to recognize your browsers after you have visited the website for the first time, thus determining your browsing preferences, evaluating these preferences, and then using these preferences as indicators to improve 's content and website browsing.

b) Cookies used by

The following table includes the details, purpose and types of cookies that have been implemented on this platform. For your understanding, you need to know the definition of first and third-party cookies:

Third-party cookies: Managed by other companies and installed from their equipment and/or domains to your equipment.

First-party cookies: Managed by and installed from their equipment to your equipment.


2.1. Types of cookies used by

The user who browses the website can find cookies inserted directly by the owner, or cookies inserted by different entities, as detailed in the following sections:

  • Session cookies expire when the user leaves the page or closes the browser, that is, they are active for the duration of the visit to the website and therefore they are deleted from our computer when the user leave it.
  • Permanent cookies expire when the purpose for which they serve is met or when they are manually deleted, they have a deletion date and are normally used in the online purchase process, personalization or in the registry, so that you do not have to enter a password constantly.

Depending on the entity that manages the computer or domain from which the cookies are sent and treat the data obtained, we can differentiate between our own and third-party cookies.

  • Own cookies are those cookies that are sent to the user's computer and are managed exclusively by us for a better website functioning. The information we collect is used to improve the quality of our service and your experience as a user.
  • Third-party cookies, when the user interacts with our website content, third-party cookies can also be set (for example, by clicking on social media buttons or viewing videos hosted on another website), which are those established by a domain different from ours. We cannot access to the data stored in the cookies of other websites when you browse the aforementioned websites.

Browsing through this website means that the following types of Cookies can be installed:

  • Analytical cookies collect information anonymously from the browsing experience on our website. Examples of use: We can count the number of visitors or the most viewed content. We can know if the user who is accessing is new or repeat the visit. That information can help us to improve the browsing and offer a better service.

2.2. Warning about the use of cookies and other spamming techniques

You are now informed of the presence of cookies on this platform in order to facilitate its use and navigation. You have the opportunity to configure your browser to be warned about the receipt of cookies on your screens and to prevent the installation of these on your hard drives.

If any doubt, in section 4 of this policy you can find more information. You can also consult the instructions and manuals of your browser to expand this information.

To use or browse 's website or use the platform is not necessary to allow the installation of cookies, notwithstanding that it may happen that you can not access some of the services or sections of the website.

Also, inform you that does not use "spamming" techniques and that it will only deal with the data you transmit through the use of the electronic forms enabled, emails or content provided through the services of the website and for the purposes expressed in our Legal Notice, in the Privacy Policy and in the Terms and Conditions.


Law 34/2002, July 11th, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSICE), in relation to cookies, requires that Users have to be informed prior to the browsing experience on the platform about the use, type and purpose of cookies. That is the reason why has implemented an informative notice that is displayed once you access to this web platform, informing you in advance and expressly, complying with that legal precept.

It is important to keep in mind that in this Notice you will find two options: the first, which will allow you to access to this informative text, and the second, which you can use to accept the installation of cookies on your terminal equipment.

If you omit the acceptance of the use of cookies and continue browsing this website, will understand that there is a tacit consent on your part to be able to apply and use the cookies described in the previous section and, with this, the company will comply with what is required by the LSSICE.


If you wish to uninstall cookies from your browser, indicates some links you can consult depending on the type of browser installed on your terminal equipment.

  • Google Chrome:
  • Safari:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Opera:

warns you that, after uninstalling the cookies from your browser, this may hinder or prevent access or navigation to certain parts of this website.

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